27 Lancing Shower Repairs


Shower Repairs in Lancing With over 20,000 homes in Lancing, there must be at least 10,000  showers that are either manual or electric that need maintenance during the course of the year. If you need a plumber to fix your broken shower then call 07977 449 049. Better still, email us as we respond just… continue reading »


25 Manual showers fault finder


Faults with manual showers Checkatrade – NO FIX NO FEE – FIXED PRICES – NO CALL OUT Fault Finder – Mixer Showers My shower drips from the shower head or/and shower valve Shower valve requires seal kit or new cartridge Water too hot Cold water supply blocked or restricted High volume of cold water may… continue reading »


22 Power rating of shower


Power rating for electric shower CHECKATRADE – NO FIX NO FEE – FIXED PRICES When installing or replacing an electric shower, there are 4 main power ratings – 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5kW. This represents the amount of electrical current that is used. A higher rating gives a greater volume of water per minute for… continue reading »


20 Shower hot and cold


My shower goes hot and cold CHECKATRADE – NO FIX NO FEE – FIXED PRICES Showers, both manual and electric, can go from hot to cold and hot again, cycling away as you shower. The principle behind this is that showers have a safety feature to stop the water getting too hot and scalding the… continue reading »


18 Showers explained


Typical Electric Shower Components Shown below, is a schematic of a typical electric shower and a photograph that illustrates what the parts of a shower look like. Schematic: Typical Electric Shower Components Labelled: Electric Shower Internal Parts How an Electric Shower Works Schematic: How an Electric Shower Works When the user starts the shower by… continue reading »